Hi there,

I’ve set up Inverted Winger to share my thoughts on some (hopefully interesting!) tactical points in the football matches I watch. I’m looking to become a coach in the long-term (I’m only 18) or preferably a football writer. Please comment on anything I write (negative comments allowed!) and I will try my best to reply as soon as possible.




One thought on “About”

  1. Good blog, I like it, im 21 & I am studying to become a sports journalist at University & have written articles for a magazine, I also dream of becoming a coach as I like tactics & formations in football matches, I am friends with a Villas-Boas & Chelsea fan (I also am a massive fan of his tactics at Porto & im a Chelsea fan), who is writing detailed tactical reports on his teams at Chelsea in his blog, send a message to me if you are interested in swapping ideas with him & me (if you want to contact me about getting help from him & me for your blog my facebook is https://www.facebook.com/nickgpwinfield), he is Argentinian but his English is ok

    Best regards,



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