Football Quiz 2: Answers


  1. Elton John was elected chairman of which club in the 1970s? Watford
  2. Name either of the clubs which connect Brian and Nigel Clough. Nottingham Forest and Derby County
  3. Which George of AC Milan was European Footballer of the year in 1996? George Weah
  4. Who joined Real Madrid from Barcelona in summer 2000? Luis Figo
  5. What is the third word in the full name of Hearts? Midlothian
  6. Which club did Kenny Dalglish lead into the Premiership? Blackburn
  7. Who plays at home at Easter Road? Hibernian
  8. What European nation’s of 14 consecutive internationals without defeat ended in April 2004? France
  9. Which British side got relegated in 1974 after 37 years in the top flight? Manchester United
  10. When Bayern Munich won the European Cup in 1974, what was so special about the final? The only final with a replay
  11. Whose departure from the Ireland 2002 World Cup squad left them a player short? Roy Keane
  12. Which goalkeeper is Sweden’s most capped player? Thomas Ravelli
  13. How was Manoel Francisco dos Santos better known? Garrincha
  14. In which city did David Beckham make his international debut? Chisinau, Moldova
  15. Who is the only person to captain England and manage a team in a European Cup Final? Jimmy Armfield
  16. FC Vaduz play in what country? Liechtenstein
  17. In what year did Portsmouth last win the Championship? 2003
  18. Who did Dan Petrescu join Chelsea from? Sheffield Wednesday
  19. Which London team were hailed as “The Team of the Eighties?” Crystal Palace
  20. For which club did Ludek Miklosko play 300+ games? West Ham United
  21. Who is the world’s most capped goalkeeper? Thomas Ravelli
  22. In which city are UNAM and America local rivals? Mexico City
  23. What was Ryan Giggs’ surname when he played for England Schoolboys? Wilson
  24. Name the player with the following career path: Feyenoord, PSV, AC Milan, Sampdoria, Chelsea? Ruud Gullit
  25. Of the 92 English Football League clubs, which one comes first alphabetically? AFC Bournemouth

Bonus: What was strange about Barnet’s 5-4 win over Torquay in 1993? 4 substitutes scored


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