Football Quiz

UPDATE: I’ve just realised that this might be very difficult for most of you, so next time I’ll make it a lot easier. Give it a go anyway!

Please use the comments section at the bottom to publish your answers. This is a general football quiz, the answers to which I’ll be publishing in about 4 or 5 days (By the way I’ll credit the sites that helped in the Answers section). It’s fairly long (40 questions) so don’t bother answering them all if you don’t have time/can’t be bothered.



  1. Which footballer’s autobiography is titled The Good The Bad and the Bubbly?
  2. Name seven different countries to have lost a World Cup final.
  3. Which team was Liverpool playing in the 1985 European Cup Final when the Heysel stadium disaster happened, banning all English clubs from European Football for 6 years?
  4. What was the name of the original World Cup trophy?
  5. Which was the first country to host the World Cup twice?
  6. Name the two players to have captained England 90 times and the player to have the captained them the next most times.
  7. Which German player appeared in five consecutive Football World Cup tournaments?
  8. Who was the first £100,000 (or above) football transfer?
  9. Who is the only player to score in a Manchester, Merseyside and Glasgow derby?
  10. Name the five teams beginning with C that have Won the FA Cup.
  11. Which British team has won the European Cup more times than its own top league?
  12. Which player scored in all six of Brazil’s matches during the 1970 World Cup?
  13. At which football ground can you find the Bill Shankly stand?
  14. Which football team did Liverpool legend Bill Shankly first manage?
  15. Name 4 players to score in 2 World Cup Finals.
  16. Which football team did Neville Southall leave to join Everton?
  17. Who was Everton’s representative in England’s 1966 World Cup winning team?
  18. Who was the first black footballer to win a full England cap?
  19. Who was the first football transfer over £10m between English clubs?
  20. Which Football League team are nicknamed the ‘Cherries?’
  21. Who is the only footballer to have played for Manchester United, Manchester, City, Liverpool and Everton?
  22. Why are West Ham nicknamed the ‘Hammers’ or less commonly the ‘Irons?’
  23. Name a La Liga team which currently has no sponsor.
  24. Before Arsenal, which is the only other team to go through an entire top flight league season in England undefeated? (And if you’re very good, what season was it?)
  25. Which is the highest football ground in the top four English leagues?
  26. There are three Barclays Premier League teams whose shirt sponsors’ names begin with a number. Name the teams and the respectives sponsors.
  27. Which footballer was once brought on in an international match as a replacement for his Dad?
  28. Name three players to have won the Champions League, UEFA Cup, Premiership and FA Cup?
  29. Which team has a football ground in 2 countries?
  30. Which World Cup never had a cup final?
  31. Excluding Uniteds, name the 3 teams in England and Scotland that have 2 U’s in their name.
  32. Which Italian side did Gianfranco Zola join after leaving Chelsea in 2003?
  33. Fabrizio Ravanelli scored a hat-trick on his Middlesbrough debut against which side?
  34. What does Fernando Hierro’s surname mean in his native tongue?
  35. Who was the first Spaniard to play professional football in England?
  36. Istvan Kovacs, France manager between 1973-75, won two Dutch titles with which club?
  37. Aime Jacquet managed which club to three French league titles?
  38. Which Turkish club has Franck Ribery played for?
  39. Prior to his infamous ‘kung-fu kick’, Eric Cantona had been sent off for a foul on which Crystal Palace player?
  40. Who was the fourth member of ‘the Magic Square’ along with Michel Platini, Jean Tigana, Alain Giresse?

I’ll give you guys some hints – I borrowed some of the questions off a well-known newspaper’s website and an online football quiz. But please don’t cheat, it’s just boring and pointless for you!